Scholar Spotlight – Edwin Tumi

Edwin Tumi, a Jumpstart Academy Africa inaugural alumnus,  has been recruited by the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services to be trained as a Nursing Auxiliary. He hopes to be a medical doctor in the future and this opportunity is a stepping stone for him to begin his career in health care.


Edwin was selected to join the Academy in 2014 as part of the inaugural class.

 A student at Government Bilingual High School Ndu, it was challenging for his family to support his high school education. Faced with this challenge, Edwin decided to use the entrepreneurial leadership training he received at JumpStart Academy Africa to start a poultry farm. He carried out fundraising activities to raise the capital he needed to get started and was able to grow it by bootstrapping the business.

Edwin used the profits from his business to pay for his high school education and he was able to successful run a fully operational poultry whilst studying for his A-Level Examinations.

Edwin’s story underlines the importance of real-world, hands on learning.

That is why we at JumpStart Academy Africa are  focused on “reimagining the purpose of education” and developing “job creators, innovators, solution providers”.

Our scholar spotlight features our students and alumni who are breaking barriers and igniting possibilities in their communities.

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