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On February 9, we received some incredible news that a JumpStart Academy Africa (JAA) alumnus, Samiratu Ntoshi has been selected to attend the African Leadership University in Mauritius (ALU).

The cost of studying at the ALU campus in Mauritius is currently $10,000, which covers Tuition and Housing per year.

We need your help to get Samiratu to Mauritius!

SamiratuSamiratu is a young woman from Ntumbaw village in Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. We first met Samiratu when she was selected to join the JAA club at her school, Government Bilingual High School Ndu.

As part of her JAA project, Samiratu ran an afterschool program where she taught students Mathematics. Samiratu also received the JAA Award for Academic Excellence .

Samiratu is the last of six children and her parents who have been instrumental in moulding her into a strong, confident woman are both farmers who cultivate on a small scale basis.

Thus, to assist her parents with the cost of her education to date, Samiratu has been using her JAA training to provide paid tutoring services to secondary school students in the local community. During the holidays, Samiratu travels to Buea, a city in Cameroon dubbed “Silicon Mountain”. Whilst in Buea, she spends the entire holiday period working and saving for the school year.

Samiratu’s Admission Journey
In 2015, Samiratu applied to the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in Johannesburg South Africa, which is a sister organization of ALU. She made it through the first and second rounds but unfortunately was not selected to join the Academy.

In 2016, Samiratu applied to join ALU and was placed on the waiting list but once again she unfortunately was not selected to join ALU.

Being a relentless young woman and in keeping with our values at JAA, in 2017, Samiratu once again decided to apply to ALU and on January 31, 2017, she received that letter which she had always longed hoped for. She had been selected to join ALU!
Third time is a charm indeed…

Getting Samiratu to ALU!
Once the news of her admission came in, Samiratu, her family and all of us at JAA were ecstatic.

We are nevertheless cognizant of one hurdle that we need to surmount to make Samiratu’s dream of studying at ALU a reality.

The cost of studying at the ALU campus in Mauritius is currently $10,000, which covers Tuition and Housing per year.

What is ALU?
ALU is pioneering a fresh approach to higher education in the 21st century; offering accredited undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education programmes in a unique and imaginative way.

ALU was founded in 2013 by renowned Ghanaian educationalist Fred Swaniker.

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