Back To School Week Campaign 2017

JumpStart Academy Africa in partnership with Future First Global is launching the Back to School Week campaign 2017 in Cameroon and Togo; calling on all alumni to go back and give back to their former schools.  


downloadResearch conducted by Future First Global found that 52% of alumni would be willing to give back to their old school, but that only 2% had.

‘Back to School Week’ is a global campaign running from May 8th to 26th to galvanize people around the world to think about how they can support their former schools.

The campaign combines exciting in-school engagements for alumni and students, online engagement, and ongoing opportunities for alumni to go back and give back to their schools across the year.

Last year we saw some fantastic involvement of alumni, students, schools and partners across the world, so are looking forward to seeing this go from strength to strength. 


Since one of our pillars here at JumpStart Academy Africa is mentorship, we are leading the campaign with local content and events aimed at inviting people from all around Cameroon and Togo, to give back to their old school, and support the young people in their community.


The Back to School Week campaign which will run in Togo and Cameroon from May 8th will include events such as sports, cultural exposition and skills training.

It all kicks off today on social media – you can get online and start supporting a stronger education for all by changing your profile pictures to your old school photo, and sharing the campaign with your networks using the hashtags #GBGB and #alumnichallenge

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